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About Corelytics

Corelytics is intelligent, online business management.

This fresh and exciting new dashboard works with your accounting system to give you a better strategic management tool and visualizations of business performance.

  • Securely connect to your accounting system
  • Distill accounts into a standardized summary for comparability
  • View graphic representations of your past and projected performance
  • Compare your performance to industry standards as the market changes
  • Set goals and analyze your progress

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Using Corelytics

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Highlighted Features

PBM Calculator Calculate your Predominant Business Model and see how you compare to top performing companies with the same model.
Trends and Forcasts View 2-year trends and projected 12-month forecasts to get a clearer picture of where to set your goals.
Benchmarks, provided by Service Leadership, Inc. Compare your performance to industry benchmarks and see how you compare to top performing companies.
Owners Compensation Get a clearer picture of the potential in owner compensation.
Data Mapping Regardless of how your accounts in your accounting system are organized, they are mapped to a standard set of accounts for comparability.
Performance Trends Drill into specific account activity and staff performance to see your performance trends and make more informed decisions.
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