General Security

We take great measures to ensure your privacy and security.

Corelytics is a highly secured Cloud-based software system (a.k.a., SaaS for software as a service). All data exchanged between the browser and Corelytics is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL). All sensitive and proprietary data is stored in an encrypted format. The servers that house Corelytics data are in a highly secured site with multiple layers of redundancy and strict physical access security including 7x24 electronic surveillance and security staff that screen and track all people who enter the building. The facility and data operations are SAS70 Type II certified. CoreConnex is committed to providing the highest levels of physical security available in the industry.


Your proprietary information will not be shared, sold or made available to any external vendor or agency. Your information is proprietary to you and your company and we take every precaution to ensure that your proprietary data is only used to produce the requested reporting. Statistical data about your growth rates and financial ratios are pooled and become part of the Corelytics Industry Benchmark database. Benchmark data does not include information that identifies you or your company and does not include proprietary information. Benchmarks are strictly limited to statistical data.

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